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Poster: Mathieu Andro Date: Jun 11, 2012 7:26am
Forum: texts Subject: Downloads statistics

I would like to obtain my collection's statistics for the year 2011...
I obtain HTML table of statistics for the last month :;fl[]=month&sort[]=&sort[]=&sort[]=&rows=5000&page=1&callback=callback&save=yes&output=tables

and for the the last week :;fl[]=week&sort[]=&sort[]=&sort[]=&rows=5000&page=1&callback=callback&save=yes&output=tables

But, to obtain number of downloads for the year 2011, I didnt' find which field could be use...[2011]&fl[]=date&fl[]=downloads&fl[]=publicdate&sort[]=&sort[]=&sort[]=&rows=1000&page=1&callback=callback&save=yes&output=tables

Thank you for your help (I hope my question will help other librarians).


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Poster: Mathieu Andro Date: Jun 15, 2012 6:52am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Downloads statistics

It is possible to have a look at collections' statistics on:;mediatype=texts&collection=

Thanks to Gemma,